DHS grads have something to brag about!

Destrehan High School’s Class of 2006 earned over $4,310,787 in scholarship offers for college, military, community and TOPS scholarships.

Scholarships & Awards Presented at Graduation are as follows:
•Air Force ROTC (over $100,000)-Kyle Anderson & Jason Bramlet
•American Legion ($500 each)-Kyle Banford & Kayla Gooch
•DHS Alumni ($500 each)-Taja Perkins & Rachel Whitener
•Diamond’s Social Club ($1,000)-Jai Eugene
•DREAM ($1,000)-Haven Barnes
•Geraldine Johnson-LeBoyd Hope Award ($1,000)-Haven Barnes
•Harry Hurst Award-Kyle Anderson
•Lion’s Club ($1,000)-Callie Anderson
Renee Mauduit Memorial ($1,000)- Michelle Bernard
•Martin Luther King Commemorative ($1,000)-Kyle Banford
•Motiva College Scholarship ($1,000 each)-Haven Barnes & Ryan Keller
•Motiva Vocational-Technical Scholarship ($500 each)-Hillary Connor & Amber Gul
•Naval ROTC (over $100,000)-Donna Evans
•Rotary Club of St Charles Parish College Scholarship ($4,000 each)-Callie Anderson, Kyle Anderson, Lauren Fogarty, & Emily Rangel
•Rotary Club of St. Charles Parish Vocational-Technical Scholarship ($1,000 each)-Catherine Landry
•St. Charles Business Association ($1,500)-Chad Lee
•St. Charles Women’s Club ($1,000)-Gina Granger
•St. Matthew Baptist Church ($1,000)-Erica Howard & James Russell Mims Memorial ($500)-Frank Smith, Jr.
•Superintendent’s Communication Scholarship ($5,000)-Erica Howard
•Sam & Ruth Vitrano Memorial ($1,000)-Donna Evans
Scholarships & Awards Presented at the Awards Ceremony
•Daughters of the American Revolution Award-Donna Evans
•Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Award-Kyle Anderson
•Knights of Columbus Leadership Award-Kaci Wilson
•Leadership, Loyalty & Service Award-Kyle Anderson
•Lester Burgett Memorial Scholarship ($150)-Emily Rangel
•Monsanto Diversity Scholarship-College ($1,500)-Tramaine Eugene; VoTech ($1,000)-Travis Duhe
•Principal’s Leadership Award-Ellen McDuff
•St. Charles Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship ($500)-Sarah Johnson
•St. Charles Reading Council Scholarship ($200)-Courtney Berthelot
College Scholarship Offers
•Callie Anderson-LSU-$1,000
•Kyle Anderson-Air Force ROTC-$50,400; Un. of Portland-$30,000
•Courtney Berthelot-St. Charles Reading Council-$200
•Jason Bramlet – Air Force ROTC-$50,400
•James Brignac – Belhaven College-$20,000
Mark Chatham-ULL-$4,036
Melissa Chord-ULL-$1,700
Ali Conrad-Harding Un-$10,800
Sean Corso – La Tech-$4,800; ULL-$1,700
•Andrew Dodds-Case Western – $83,200; Case Western Reserve Un. Merit Scholarship-$8,000; Un. of Oklahoma-$76,500, Texas A & M-$56,500; Arizona State Un-$86,000; Youngstown State Un-$10,000
•Megan Dufresne – Nicholls-$6,400
•Travis Duhe-Monsanto Diversity Technical CollegeScholarship-$500
•Jai Eugene-LSU(football)-$47,656
•Tramaine Eugene-Monsanto Diversity College Scholarship-$1,500
•Donna Evans-Nicholls-$6,400; Naval ROTC Scholarship-$118,360
•T. J. Favaloro-UNO-$16,648; Loyola-$44,000; Xavier Un-$16,000
•Lauren Fogarty-LSU-$14,200; LSU LA-STEM Research Scholarship-$51,600; UNO-$31,928; Un. of Alabama College of Engineering-$10,000; Un. of Alabama-$54,064; Auburn Un.-$39,352; Un. of Auburn Engineering Scholarship-$14,720; Florida Institute of Technology-$50,000; Tulane Un-$88,000; Illinois Institute of Technology-$78,200; New Orleans Elks Lodge-$1,000; Un. of Florida-$12,000; George Washington Un-$113,368; Louisiana Elks Association-$1,100
•Samantha Gaffney-UNO-$29,928
•Justin Goodman-LSU-$1,000
•Gina Granger – UNO-$16,648
•Erica Howard-$1,000; ULL-$1,000
•Christopher Jennings-Loyola Un-$64,000
•Sarah Johnson-St. Charles Hospital Auxiliary-$1,000
•Jeffrey Jordan-UNO-$16,648; LSU-$1,000
•Kala Keller-Southern Methodist Un-$30,000; Tulane Un-$72,000; Motiva-$10,000
•Stephen Kenney-Northwestern St. Un.-$17,024; ULL-$1,000
•Jessica Mackin-UNO-$16,648
•Kevin Mathews-Un. of Southern Miss.-$26,000
•Amanda McCarter-4-H-$700
•Candace McArthur-Loyola Un-$36,000
•Ellen McDuff-Tulane-$72,000; LSU-$2,000
•Candice McGee-UNO (Basketball)-$45,948
•Thomas McLain-LSU-$1,000
•Rebecca Parker-NEMRA Educational Scholarship-$1,000; Tulane Un-$88,000; Loyola Un-$64,000
•Emily Rangel-LSU LA-STEM Research Scholarship-$51,600; Lester Burgett Memorial Scholarship-$150
•Shanna Richard-Murray State College (Basketball)-$36,400
•Shunna Richard-Murray State College (Basketball)-$36,400
•Louis Rodriguez-Anthony Monica Memorial Scholarship-$500
•Katarina Ruiz-Loyola-$36,000
•Rachael Ruiz-Tulane Un-$29,245
•Zachary Saale-Loyola Un-$44,000
•Rebecca Sadaippen-UNO-$16,648; Xavier-$51,600
•Timothy Schaeffer-LSU-$1,000
•Carrita Tanner-ULL-$1,700; Nicholls State Un-$1,800
•Robert Tanner-Nicholls State Un-$1,800
•Matthew Tapley-LSU-$1,000
•Rachel Tillay-Sewanee$32,000;
•Chaz Washington-Un. of Miami (football)-$159,712
•Kaci Wilson-La College-$10,000; Northwestern State Un-$3,400


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