Developer plans to build affordable housing in Ama

A developer is waiting for a moratorium to be lifted in Ama this August so he can begin building affordable homes.

Patrick McEvoy, from Metairie, has already built a similar residential subdivision called Sugar Lane Estates in St. John Parish and plans to build a similar neighborhood in Ama.

“I think residents were initially upset about an RV park coming without their knowledge,” McEvoy said. “Then things snowballed and they ultimately decided they didn’t want any changes in Ama.”

McEvoy says as he was planning his subdivision, called the Ama Garden District, when a moratorium was put in place restricting any new subdivision development in the close-knit  community. Kim Marousek, director of planning and zoning, says as long as McEvoy follows  the proper guidelines and requirements, he can proceed forward with his subdivision.

McEvoy’s subdivision will have wider streets, restricting trailers, and homes averaging 1,500-square-feet. Lot sizes of the homes will be 5,000-square-feet.

“I’m planning on building 70 New Orleans style homes in a price range of about $160, 000,” he said. “I got the idea after looking around the different areas in the parish, and realizing there’s not much affordable housing here.”

McEvoy says people want to move to St. Charles Parish in a home that they can afford and be a part of a great school system.

“The values of the homes for all of the residents living in Ama will increase,” he said. “I want residents to know that what I’m proposing is something positive for the community.”
A meeting will be held at the American Legion Hall in Ama on March 12 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. This meeting will allow residents to discuss zoning issues. Consultants from Urban Systems will be attending the meeting to hear residents concerns, along with Marousek.

“By meeting with the people in Ama, we will have an opportunity to listen to what their vision is for the future of their community, 10 to 15 years down the road,” Marousek said. “It will give them an opportunity to discuss their concerns about zoning with us.”
Marousek says one of the main concerns of residents is that the area has R1AM zoning, which allows mobile homes to be placed in the community.


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