Destrehan father fights cancer for second time in 8 years

Glen Halder of Destrehan had a life-changing year in 2012 – just three months after his first child was delivered stillborn, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After spending over seven years in remission, he is once again in a fight for his life.

“My initial response was, “I thought this part of my life was over,’” Glen says. “The hardest part of the journey for me is having to tell all family and friends that the cancer is back.”

His current diagnosis came in May of 2019 after routine bloodwork.

“Eight years ago it was stage one testicular cancer confined to a tumor and the tumor was removed,” Glen’s wife Angel explains. “This time it started at stage two metastasis testicular cancer in his lymphatic system, and has progressed to stage 3 metastasis testicular cancer, as it has spread to his right lung.”

When diagnosed for the first time in 2012, Glen chose the use of natural remedial treatments rather than the modern medical choice of radioactive chemotherapy. His treatment choice, the Halders say, aided them in being able to have two children without any medical intervention.

“The doctors told him once he did chemo he would never have been able to have kids,” Angel explains.

The Halder’s two daughters, six-year-old Eliana and four-year-old Moriah, serve as inspiration for Glen’s current health battle, in which he is again choosing the use of natural treatments versus chemotherapy.

The natural, yet costly, high dose vitamin C treatments that he receives at The Remedy Room in New Orleans, Angel says, allow Glen to continue to work, exercise and spend time with his daughters like he wants to without experiencing the harsh side effects of chemotherapy.

“When vitamin C is infused in high doses intravenously it turns to hydrogen peroxide and it only pops or destroys bad cancer cells, leaving the good so it doesn’t wipe out a persons entire immunity,” Angel explains.

According to The Remedy Room’s website, humans, unlike most mammals, do not have the ability to make their own vitamin C. The vitamin, which must be obtained through supplementation or diet, is essential for multiple reactions in the body and acts as a potent antioxidant.

The family is hopeful the results of March 17 testing will bring better news than his November and January tests, which showed growth of the cancer.

“The hardest part for me is trying to hold it all together for Glen and both kids,” Angel says. “I can’t have them see me fall apart every time we get bad news.”

Glen’s story has led Kylie Granier to organize a raffle to help fund Glen’s treatments.

Granier, who works at the same facility as Glen but in a different department, says even though she’s never met him in person she has been inspired by his fight.

“He’s got a lot of courage and is so brave,” she says, “He’s fighting for his life, but he’s still at work every shift and trying his best to provide for his family.”

Granier, who initially heard of Glen’s cancer battle through another fundraiser that was held for him, said she has a goal to sell 1,000 raffle tickets and is currently over half way to reaching her goal.

“I would love to have to order more tickets,” she said. “That would be awesome.”

The raffle’s first place prize is a five-night stay at the Orlando Sunshine Resort in Florida, where up to eight people can enjoy the May 24-29 reservation. Second place is a two-night stay at New Orleans’ Bluegreen Club La Pension from August 29-31.

The third place prize is a Gatr cooler filled with beverages, and a Vera Bradley ice chest bag, large duffle bag, beach towel and two coozies are the fourth place prize.

“This raffle means everything to my future life,” Glen says, “I want to be there with my wife getting old and watching my kids grow up.”

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased through Venmo @Angel Halder, online at Paypal.Me/glenangelhalder or in person via cash or check. Contact can also be made with Angel or Kylie via Facebook. The drawing will take place on April 5.


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