Designing T-shirts for a ‘life-giving’ cause

Lana Stevens
Lana Stevens (standing center), talks to the team members from the St. Charles Parish Satellite Center’s Digital Media course about LOPA and their need for t-shirt designs.

To launch their current project, Digital Media Team Members met with Lana Stevens, a Community Educator for the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA). During the meeting, Mrs. Stevens explained to the team members what her organization does and the vital role it plays in organ donation throughout our state.

She also showed several videos that documented the personal stories of organ donors and how their organs impacted the lives of other people.

After talking about the Agency, Mrs. Stevens shared her reason for coming to speak to the team members. LOPA is in need of a t-shirt design. Throughout the years, many people who have been affected the Agency have asked for t-shirts so they can better show their support for them.

However, the Agency currently does not have any t-shirt designs. To help fulfill these requests, Mrs. Stevens asked if the team members would be willing to create some designs for them. She gave the team guidelines of things to include in the designs as well as what not to include.

With their task for the project set, the team members began to get to work. They are currently conducting more research on LOPA, organ donation, and t-shirt designs.

After they conduct their research, they will begin to bring their ideas to life by sketching them out, getting feedback, and then digitizing and refining their designs on their computers. The team members are scheduled to present their final designs to the client on Tuesday, January 30th.


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