Deputy of the year, Kenneth Delaune, honored at St. Charles Rotary meeting

“We want Kenny Delaune back!” This request was heard time and time again in Sheriff Greg Champagne’s office from St. Rose residents.

It was a known fact in that part of the parish for the criminal element to stay at home when car No. 87 was patroling.

That meant Deputy Kenny Delaune was in the area and it kept crime at bay. Champagne said he thought of putting No. 87 on other police cars just to make criminals stay home.

People felt safer when Delaune was riding around.

But to earn Delaune the 2007 title of St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Deputy of the Year he had gone a step further and saved a female suicide victim from jumping off the Hale Boggs Bridge.

On May 20, at approximately 18:30 hours while transporting an arrestee to the Nelson Coleman Correctional Center, he observed a suspicious black vehicle parked on the southbound shoulder of the bridge.

As he approached the vehicle he observed a female subject outside of the vehicle, standing on the shoulder, near the guardrail staring at the river.

Delaune notified dispatch of his observations and stopped his patrol unit behind the black Honda.

Delaune then exited his unit and slowly approached the female subject, believing she may in fact attempt to harm herself.

When she saw the officer coming, the girl began to back away from the railing and away from the officer.

As he moved closer to the girl, she looked left and then right and proceded to lunge toward the guardrail.

Then she climbed up on the guardrail in an obvious attempt to jump from the bridge. Delaune quickly ran towards the girl and grabbed her by the arm as she attempted to jump.

He secured her with his left arm while clinging to the guardrail with his right arm.

He was then able to secure the female subject to the bridge surface where he put handcuffs on her.

Delaune’s attention to detail and keen observation skills, combined with his excellent physical condition and total disregard for his own personal safety enabled him to take quick action.

His actions were heroic and merited his selection as the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy of the Year, 2007.

He was honored at last Wednesday’s St. Charles Parish Rotary Club’s meeting and was presented a $500 donation to the Sheriff’s office from the rotary club.


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