Dear Santa

Every year, children all over St. Charles Parish write their hopes and wishes in letters to Santa.

Next year, Santa is not the only one who will receive the letters.

Students at New Sarpy Elementary will help children all over the world with their letters by sending them to Santa through Macy’s in 2010.

Macy’s Believe Campaign gives children the opportunity to get their letters to Santa and for every letter mailed through the store $1 will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Nicki Weber, a 1st grade teacher at New Sarpy, said that the students were excited when they heard the idea.

“The teachers first approached this project by teaching the students how to write a letter.  The students then each wrote a letter to Santa,” Weber said. “The teachers told the students about the Make-A-Wish Foundation and lots of students were very sympathetic and were glad to know that they were helping others.”

The students are not the only ones excited about the project.

“The first grade teachers at New Sarpy were very excited about this endeavor,” Weber said. “We have always written letters to Santa but knowing we were going to be making a difference made us even more excited.”

While the school didn’t hear about the program early enough to participate in it this year, everyone there is excited about sending the letters through Macy’s next year.

“We were not able to get enough information to send out letters this way (this year),” Weber said. “We did not find out about this project until right before Thanksgiving and needing to teach letter writing and actually completing a letter took two weeks and we did not want the students to not get the Santa letter back.”

Some of the teachers decided to mail their letters using a website called


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