Brandon Oubre: Biology Literary Rally

In late August, Brandon Oubre won the award for Division I in Biology for the Literary Rally.

This competition was held in an auditorium at LSU. The auditorium where the test was held was about half full, according to Oubre, with the competing students from around the state.

Oubre was nominated by his Biology teacher, Mr. Joey Brady, for this spot in the Rally. He was asked many questions about all aspects of Biology.

He said, “While many topics were discussed in class, a fair amount had not been mentioned, it was necessary to utilize prior knowledge.”

He used his logic and the process of elimination in order the answer the questions that he didn’t know.

While it may seem that Brandon had to prepare for this challenge, he admits that he didn’t do much studying.

“I didn’t exactly prepare,” he said, “I felt that I possessed an adequate grasp on the subject.”

Oubre enjoys Biology, saying that his time in Biology I was “interesting and entertaining”.

Congratulations to Oubre for winning this award!


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