Book Reviews – “The Troop”

Reviewed by Julian Turner

Nick Cutter’s The Troop is exactly what it says on the front cover: a book of terror.

A young group of boys goes on their annual camping trip. Typically, these trips bring them together but this time, it will tear them apart. After a man infected with an unknown disease stumbles into their camp, the boys’ lives will forever be changed, at least those who survive the ordeal.

 Merrily camping along, the boys’ adventure quickly turns from one of bonding and bliss to one of survival as a haggard man creeps into their camp. From then on every decision becomes more and more desperate. As their ordeal increases, the public begins to find out what is taking place and then everything solves itself in the end. That does not guarantee it will be a happy ending though. When the dust settles over the ordeal, everything is completely different.

The Troop really is terrifying. I was not screaming and jumping or anything, but it does mess with your mind. This book is definitely not for the weak at heart–or stomach. There are moments in here that you will have to set the book down and think about what just happened, but you will not be able to put it down.

Julian Turner is a senior in the Gifted program at Hahnville High. He enjoys athletics, volunteer services and music. Editor’s note: Book reviews are published weekly during the summer in agreement with Hahnville High School gifted English teacher Deborah Unger in conjunction with the Brown Foundation Service Learning Program.

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