Book Review: The Silent Patient

Reviewed by Caroline Genius

Alicia Berenson is a remarkable artist, remarkable not for her paintings but rather for murdering her fashion-designer husband and never speaking another word. She lives the next several years in an institution, where she meets Theo Faber, a psychologist who upon hearing of the mute murderer decides he needed to “break her spell.”

As Theo digs into Alicia’s past, he begins to discover secrets of illicit deals, adultery, lies, and death. Alicia appears to be deeply perturbed by his presence, although no one can know why. As the twisting narrative unfolds, the characters become intertwined, and key facts turn out to be lies. Eventually, the question is raised: what really happened on that fateful day?

I loved reading this book and would recommend it to any mature reader. The book does address topics of crime, violence, and other items of maturity, so awareness is key. The Silent Patient is a thrilling novel sure to hold your interest. Enjoy reading!

Caroline Genius

Caroline Genius was a graduating senior in the Gifted program at Hahnville High. She enjoys dancing, singing with the Hahnville choir, and many other extracurricular activities. Caroline will attend the University of Southern Mississippi to study Forensic Biology.

Editor’s note: Book reviews are published throughout the summer and fall in agreement with Hahnville High School gifted English teacher Deborah Unger in conjunction with the Brown Foundation Service Learning Program and Unger’s “Adolescents Advocate Literacy” Brown Service Learning Grant.


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