Middle School Teacher of the Year glad she followed mom’s advice

Middle School Teacher of the Year Breanna Webre.

When Breanna Webre walked to the stage after being named St. Charles Parish Public Schools Middle School Teacher of the Year, she may have broken a “curse” in the process.

“It was told to me that it has been at least 20 years since a teacher from Cammon has won district teacher of the year, and so, as it was told to me, I broke the ‘Cammon Curse,’” Webre said.

Webre has been a teacher at Albert Cammon Middle School for the last five years. For four of those years, she taught both 7th and 8th grade social studies, but this year she focused on the 7th grade and taught social studies focusing on American history, spanning the years from 1789-1877.

Webre was initially shocked at being named the Middle School Teacher of the Year, but said she is excited to represent her school at the statewide level.

Breanna Webre and her husband, Austin.

“I also thought about all the amazing teachers and mentors I’ve had throughout the years that have helped me get to this point,” she said. “Especially Kandyce Simoneaux, LeNeshia Markey, Kerrie Guilmino, Wendy Treuting, and Dr. Gabrielle DeLatte that have worked closely with me over the years to help me become the educator that I am today.”

Webre is a product of St. Charles Parish Public Schools, having grown up in Luling and graduating from Hahnville High School in 2015. Her mother always told her she would be a good teacher, but Webre said she pushed it off constantly because everyone told her the pay wasn’t worth it.

“My senior year of high school, I was in digital media, and loved it but realized it was not the profession for me,” she said. “I found myself constantly in the STAR (now Educators Rising) room and was always interested in what my STAR friends were doing. So I finally took my mom’s advice and joined the education program at Southeastern and absolutely loved it.”

She was drawn to the profession because she loves history and wanted to share her knowledge with young minds.

“I was drawn to middle school because middle schoolers are going through, usually, the worst time of their lives, or their young adult lives, and I wanted to also be there for them and help them navigate themselves,” Webre added.

She enjoys creating those relationships with her students and being there to help them when they’re having a hard time…and also just to have fun with them.

It looks like Webre will remain teaching in St. Charles Parish for a long time.

“I grew up in St. Charles Parish and live here currently, and honestly there’s nowhere else I could imagine teaching,” she said. “And the benefits are pretty good too.”