Lifelong friends open seafood market in Des Allemands

Lifelong friends and now business partners Brent Roger, Donald Spahr and Ted Bergeron recently opened their new seafood market 3 Piers Seafood in May, situated at 3702 Highway 90 East in Des Allemands.

Co-owner Ted Bergeron says the three partners first began talks of opening their own seafood market together some two decades ago and are now seeing their dream become reality.

“We had a vision 20-plus years ago to have a market that would complement the restaurants we operate,” Bergeron explained of their new seafood market operation. “We get to look at and choose the best fresh seafood to deliver to our restaurants and communities…it’s a win-win.”

Two of the seafood market’s partners, Donald Spahr and Brent Roger, also happen to own and operate well-known Lafourche Parish eatery Spahr’s Seafood Restaurant.

With a location in catfish capital Des Allemands, the seafood market offers only wild-caught catfish, Bergeron said, while offering many sizes of both fresh and frozen shrimp depending on the season. Partnerships with local boats allow the new store to bring in fresh fin fish daily.

“We currently have beautiful snapper and grouper,” Bergeron said of their store’s selection of seafood.  “We get whole tuna that we process in-house, and our crawfish has been outstanding this season.”

The three partners chose the name of their business, 3 Piers Seafood Market, as a nod to their lifelong friendship along with a little marine-related wordplay.

“It was a play on words…three lifelong friends and peers, and the ‘piers’ are the foundation of a wharf – it just fit us,” Bergeron said.

3 Piers Seafood Market is open Wednesday and Thursday, 10 AM to 6 PM, Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM, and Sundays 10 AM to 2 PM. The new 3 Piers Seafood Market is open Monday and Tuesday for call ahead preorders only.

Bergeron reports running a seafood business with his partners seems like a natural extension of their upbringing and the work around water they’ve enjoyed all their lives.

“The bayous and lakes were our playgrounds since childhood,” Bergeron said of he and his partners’ childhoods growing up around seafood. “We’ve been deckhands, picked crabs and cleaned fish growing up…we’ve been around seafood and restaurants our entire lives.”

Bergeron commented that the new store has intentionally chosen to adopt an environmental focus, sourcing its seafood supply from local suppliers that use sustainable fishing practices.

“We have partnered with fishermen that believe in and practice fishing techniques that do not strip the waters of all its resources,” Bergeron said of their local suppliers. “We also team with organizations to help preserve and replenish our valuable wetlands, which are breeding sanctuaries for many types of seafood.”

In an effort to combat damage caused by foreign seafood suppliers, the new store 3 Piers Seafood Market is intent on relying on domestic and locally sourced seafood, which Bergeron said has the added benefit of giving customers better quality seafood.

“Louisiana has superior seafood, and we believe in offering the best products to our guests, Bergeron said. “We passionately believe in supporting our local fishermen and friends – this lifestyle and way of making a living is part of our heritage. We want to preserve that.”


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