DHS honor band member plans to become neurologist

After achieving much both academically and with the high school band, Anais Chavez, 18, leaves Destrehan High this year with big career aspirations: she aims to complete premed studies at LSU, conquer medical school and become a neurologist.

Chavez, who played trumpet for Destrehan High, was steeped in band activities throughout high school. She says she spent a total of 10 years in band while enrolled in St. Charles Parish schools.

“I would stay after school every Monday, Wednesday, and we would have Friday night football games the majority of the time; it’s year-round – there’s always something going on,” she said of her Destrehan High band activities.

With her dedicated efforts, Chavez was able to join Destrehan High’s Honor Band, a group of accomplished musicians that challenged her to expand her musical skillset even more.

“I really enjoyed making Honor Band – it gave me an opportunity to meet other people with amazing talent,” she said. “It was a unique experience, especially when I made All State the past three years.”

Her years of trumpet practice have begun paying dividends, as Chavez mentioned she auditioned for Louisiana State University’s Tiger Band and made it through the first round of auditions; she must now prepare for a second round of auditions at the LSU Summer Band Camp before she can officially call herself a part of the LSU Tiger Band.

Chavez did manage to find time between Destrehan High band practices for several other activities, including soccer, Talented Theater, Debate Club, National English Honor Society and National Honor Society, of which she was an officer.

Finishing out her time at Destrehan High with a 3.8 GPA, Chavez completed Dual Enrollment Classes in Chemistry, English, Psychology and College Algebra. Her Dual Enrollment classes will help qualify her for collegiate credit when she enters LSU in the fall.

With her high marks and full high school schedule, Chavez was able to earn two scholarships – the Sarah James Memorial Scholarship and the St. Charles Women’s Club Scholarship.

Before heading off to LSU, Chavez says she will take a European detour this summer with a visit to her family in France, then work the remainder of the summer, fitting time in with her high school friends before they part ways for college too.

Reflecting on her time at Destrehan High, Chavez said she’d like her classmates to remember her as a schoolmate that pulled through even in tough times.

“I’ve just always shown up and done what I had to do,” she said of her time at Destrehan High. “I would like to be remembered for my impact on the band program, making All State, and inspiring other kids to persevere for their goals.”

Her parting advice for freshmen entering Destrehan High in the fall speaks to her philosophy of being willing to do whatever it takes to achieve goals, regardless of the obstacles blocking the way.

“Expect the unexpected,” she said. “The last four years I would have never expected COVID to happen, never expected a hurricane to plummet through our school, but it’s kept me on my toes this entire time, and made myself and the class of 2023 stronger.”


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