Tax structure should enhance economy

This comment by a long-time, respected, state fiscal expert indicates that our state officials are looking at the state’s financial problems from the wrong angle:

Former legislative staffer Bob Keaton offered a litany of suggestions, including eliminating all taxes in order to start from scratch and levy the taxes needed to fund the state budget. (Emphasis mine) Baton Rouge Advocate, August 25, 2009.

Our governor and the leges should be looking at a tax structure that will enhance economic activity in our state; not one to produce revenues to fund a budget that provides all things to all people.

Once the tax structure is such that it promotes economic activity at a level where the private sector thrives then there will be less need for government.  The current pattern of thinking by state government has not changed since Huey Long was the governor.

Please explain
In his testimony yesterday, I’m very disappointed that former Governor Buddy Roemer didn’t point out the need to enhance the private sector as opposed to how to save a government that has outstripped the ability of the economy to fund it.  Such an approach is not new to him. He endorsed and pushed an effort in that direction while he was the governor.

If it was the right thing to do then, why isn’t it the right thing to do now? Perhaps Roemer should explain.
This is not a “chicken or egg” scenario. Under a free enterprise system, there can be no government without a thriving economy.

Change the focus!  You’re missing the important part of the picture.


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