Respect Life month important

An article in this week’s Clarion Herald written by New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond is about Respect Life Month which is being celebrated this month by the Catholic Church.

The archbishop’s comments are mainly about abortion and ending life for the unborn which is the major concern of pro-lifers. But he also comments on other ways to respect life which Father John Perino concentrated on in a recent homily at Holy Family Church in Luling. Father John pointed out that there are many ways to respect life after that life is outside the womb.

The archbishop pointed out in his article that pro-life issues  also include crime, violence and murder. “So is the fact that people are still living under the I-10, that there are people down the block who don’t have the necessities of life. It also includes euthanasia, respect for the elderly, respect for children with disabilities and, of course, the very explosive issue of the death penalty.

“According to our church teaching, which was clearly articulated by John Paul  II, we are to respect human life, even that of the person on death row. The church does not subscribe in general to the death penalty. If we are truly committed to defending life, we will be voices for life on all of these issues.”

Father John and the archbishop are both on target about what our pro-life society should be about including the unborn and born from conception on up to live a life they choose.
And that, after all, is what democracy is all about. It’s about creating a world in which everyone can live in their own way while leaving room for others to do the same.


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