Don’t we have anybody qualified in Louisiana?

The LA Board of Regents has hired a firm from Florida for an estimated $105,500 to help them find a replacement for Sally Clausen as the next higher education commissioner.

This is the same group that we hear whining about higher education needing more money.  Perhaps if the Regents spent the public funds they already have in LA, it would help generate more tax revenues to help better fund higher education.

Obviously, the Regents believe that all the “best and brightest” have indeed left this state in order to find economic security.  If Higher Education is the key (as we are told by them) to economic development in our state, the Regents seem to be admitting that they aren’t doing their jobs very well.

Don’t we have anyone in Louisiana qualified to find someone to take one of the highest paying jobs in state government?
The Regents must be getting public relations advice from the soon-to-be-former-head of BP, Tony Hayward.

What’s the difference?
Today, the declarers of such things declared that the U.S. economic recession is over.

The recession didn’t end yesterday or last month. According to the experts, the recession that we thought we were in actually ended in June of 2009. (I’m not making that up.)
According to the experts, it was the longest recession we have endured in the U.S. since WWII.

The recession (that has now ended) officially began in December of 2007.  We learned that from the experts in December of 2008.

Since the recession ended 15 months ago, we have seen fewer jobs created, more people unemployed, higher numbers of those in the poverty category, fewer home sales, declining values of homes, etc., etc.

Are we?

Theoretically, we could now be in another recession or we might even be in a depression.   Whatever we are currently experiencing that seems like bad economic times, it won’t have an official name for at least a year.

Other than for historical purposes, what difference does the experts’ declaration make?


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