North Korea is not on a peaceful path

North Korea is testing the world by its attacks on South Korea and development of nuclear weapons. Let’s face it, if that country continues to act in those two ways, it is a threat to other countries around the world.

It is certainly our federal government’s duty to keep close tabs on it’s activities and work to try to end it’s hostilities. Had we done such in previous years, we may have averted other wars.

When Iraq was deemed to be a threat to other countries in the mid-east, we went to war to get rid of the dictator there that was causing the trouble. The communist dictator of North Korea seems to be acting in similar fashion by spreadiing his dictatorial powers past his country’s boundaries.

Hopefully, this will not lead to another war. But we must take action before it does. And that action should be as peaceful as possible so long as it does not give our would-be enemy on the battlefield an opportunity to continue interfering with the peaceful existence of the rest of the world.

Dat law should be changed
Could anyone patent the saying “Who is that?” If not, then how could one claim he owns “Who dat?”

It’s just a colloquial variance with the same meaning. And it is all just part of our language which should be free to all.

When people have to pay to use an English expression, we are truly losing our freedom. If such is allowed under the law, then the law should be changed.

How about “Merry Christmas?” Who owns dat? And “Happy Birthday?”

We know people are anxious to earn money dese days. But please, let’s invent or make something that has value to it, not use an everyday expression that should be free to all.
We understand how a book should be copywrited to prevent others from re-printing and selling it. But what is being protected there is the plot and its development, not the words or phrases therein.

Our citizens go to school to learn the English language and they should not be penalized in making use of it as they wish. If necessary, the law should be changed to accomodate dat.


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