Hurricane season has its advantages

Just this past weekend, this writer was at Grand Isle, sitting on the beach in the sunshine and reading a book. It was slightly windy and the waves were tumbling in.

After returning indoors for a refreshment, he glanced on the television set and discovered there was a storm developing in the Gulf of Mexico along the Florida coast. Which way will it go, I wondered.

Back to the beach and the book and another breath of fresh air. But it seemed a little stiffer than it was before, perhaps due to the knowledge that a storm was brewing.

Another visit to the TV and an announcement by Bob Breck that one computer model of the storm’s development brought it along the southern shores of Louisiana. That’s where Grand Isle is.

But no worry. We’d been through this before with even lightning and thunder enlivening the scene.

But it did call for a little watchfulness and advance planning. Another visit with Bob indicated that if the storm came our way, it could take as much as two days to make the journey, considering the atmospheric conditions.

So we didn’t rush. But we kept our departure in mind.

The 6 p. m. news, however indicated that the storm was veering into the Florida coast with little threat to Louisiana.

Then ye publisher started to think what if this was a tornado or tsunami or earthquake. Bob would not be on TV telling us what to do or where to go.

It would be all over when it became news on the tube and we would be out of danger or in the rubble. So, in a way, aren’t we lucky to be living in hurricane country where disasters are sometimes forecast days before any would-be tragedy happens and we have time to get out of its way before it arrives?

Of course, we are also subject to earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis but, perhaps, not so much as many other places on the globe. And knowing that Bob Breck is out there looking after our safety during hurricane season gives us hope that we can survive our most likely disasters.

If we listen to his advice.


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