Free trade is an answer to poverty

There is one major way in which we can help reduce poverty in the world. It’s not by raising the taxes on the wealthy and reducing them on the middle class. It’s by spreading free trade so people around the world can benefit more from the free enterprise system.

And by the way, whatever happened to the Bush free trade efforts that offered so much hope for the world’s economy? We haven’t heard much about free trade from the Obama administration. We hope he will pursue it.

Though we are divided into many countries, we are just one world and the people within it should be able to provide services and products freely to the rest of it. When we restrict it, we are giving in to selfish interests that  preserve the profits of such trades for ourselves.

Free trade is the answer to many of the problems that exist in the world today. It will push us closer together without government interference. It could reduce terrorism by allowing people around the world to become united by working together more easily through free trade.

Our President would help the world solve many of its problems by lending his active support to free trade.

Obamas help people improve themselves
Whether or not you approve of the way the Obamas want the country to be run, you have to give them credit for mixing with the people to help better themselves.

Michele, for example, symbolically turned off the Nickelodeon and other networks for three hours Saturday, telling the kiddie viewers to go and play and let their TVs rest for awhile. As she approached the switch, she said “get ready to shut down your computers, put down your cell phones and turn off your TVs.”

Such a message is bound to broaden the outlook of what there is to do in this big and wonderful world. Its not just looking at what other people are doing on the tube while distastefully lounging on the sofa. It should be about doing some of those things ourselves.


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