Exercise your spiritual senses

The spiritual reality surrounding us is even so much more real than the natural, physical, tangible realm that we can see, hear and feel each day. It is but a matter of exercising our spiritual senses in order to recognize it.

The spiritual realm is affecting us whether we are aware of it or not. It is influencing how each day plays out.

Do we find that a lot of negative and dark things are happening to us? No doubt there is evil influence. Do we find that we experience discouragement, sadness, confusion, doubt or even despair? None of these are the influence of the Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Cohort, but rather of satan and his minions.

But how can we be protected from the evil spirits?

Most of us have been Baptized. But are most of us living our Baptismal vows and disposed to its graces? Are most of us actually claiming our inheritance as “children of God”, living in His Kingdom, saved and redeemed by the Blood of Christ?

It is the Blood of Christ alone that keeps us protected from the snares of the evil one and his very sly and deceptive tactics.

Now, to be covered and protected in the Blood of Christ doesn’t mean we won’t suffer. Jesus said, “take up [your] cross and follow me” (Lk 9:23). As Christians we are in the process of our own purification in preparation for eternal life with God; and, also, we are called to help in the distribution of the graces won for us at Calvary, through our love, prayers and sacrifices for others.

But when we live in the reality of who we are as Baptized children of God, we experience more and more a life of love, hope, joy, peace, goodness and fulfillment.

Jesus, our Divine Lover and Redeemer, is in our midst. And He longs to have a deep, personal relationship with each of us, in order to draw us ever deeper into the love of God and the truth of how precious we are to Him. Satan and his army want to block us from opening ourselves to this profound truth.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, lived every moment of her life with her spiritual senses activated. She knew God deeply and personally. And, in everything that happened to her in life, she surrendered to God and sought His grace and inspiration. She danced with Him and let Him lead.

She is our model. This is our calling as well. Life becomes abundantly meaningful (to put it lightly) when we live in this way. We no longer feel the need to make things happen or be in control of anything; but, rather, we let God be God of every aspect of our lives (the 1st Commandment).

Yes, the victory has been won, but only for those who choose to live on the winning side – in and through the redeeming Blood of Christ.

For “if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin” (1Jn 1:7)


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