All of a sudden, oil is needed

Evidently Pres. Barack Obama got some bad advice when he said he wanted to reduce the production of oil in this country. Now he is telling us we must produce more oil here and reduce the amount imported from the mideast.

That’s good news from our standpoint. Suddenly its not so bad to produce oil and gas here  in Louisiana.
Obama called for one-third reduction in oil imports in the next decade to be replaced, first of all, by increased oil and gas production here at home. He also wants to depend upon alternative sources and nuclear power plants to fill in the gap.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with promoting the development of renewable energy sources. After all, oil and gas won’t be here forever but, thank goodness, it has a long way to go before it runs dry.

Obama is correct in wanting to up the standards of safety in oil and gas production. This could have been done, however, without stopping the production of oil and gas from deep water wells in the Gulf of Mexico for such a long period last year.

Undoubtedly we learned some lessons from the BP oil spill as well as the tsunami that wrecked the production of energy from nuclear power in Japan recently. But, after all, the more we make use of the earth’s resources, the more we learn.

Obama seemed to be getting on the right track when he supported increased production here at home to reduce our reliance on foreign countries, some of which are not our best friends. He also turned military in helping to bring liberty and justice in the mideast when he supported the rebels verbally in several countries and then sent  air protection to help them in Libya. But since then he seems to be ready to turn over the job to other countries.

He needs to continue to support liberty and justice where it does not exist. And now, with so many rebels appealing for such freedom in the mideast, it seems to be a good time to do it.

Fair tax becomes more urgent
We wrote last week about how the proposed fair tax would be a sensible and easy way to replace the income tax. After this past week as the 2010 return was being prepared, it became all the more logical.

Those who make the most money will still pay the most tax. The more one makes, the more he spends personally, in his business or in producing other products to sell. And the percentage of tax paid on purchases can be raised or lowered to fill the needs of the government.

Now we are more eager than ever to let the fair tax take over.


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