Ache for love satisfied during Christmas season

Yes, God is madly in love with us, but how many are able to receive the love and truly experience it?

Certainly there are times when people are not mindful of God in their lives and He supernaturally graces them to experience Him in a profound way (and even then deep down in the subconscious they are seeking Him). But for the most part, in order to receive His love and all the graces He wants to bestow upon us, we must do our part, actively, consciously participating in this love relationship.

Just as we are told in Holy Scripture not to throw our “pearls to swine” (Mat 7:6), God as well is prudent and discerning in how He expresses His love to us. He loves us no matter what, but if we’re not open, disposed, receptive and desirous, we will not experience it in a personal way. “If we deny Him, He will deny us. If we are unfaithful, He will still remain faithful cause He cannot deny Himself” (2Tim 2:12,13)

If we do not take time for God – to “be still” and connect with Him heart-to-heart, then we are denying Him… we are not allowing any capacity for Him to enter in with His love. – We are saying to Him, “There is no room in the Inn… There are too many more important things that fill my heart, my life and my time… I do not have room for you!”

Even if in our minds and with our lips we are saying our prayers and telling Him, “Lord! Lord!, my life is yours!” – – if our hearts aren’t in it, we are only paying Him “lip service” (Is 29:13);  and at the end of our lives (which could be at any time), He will say to us, “I do not know you!”  (Lk 13:25).

Oh how He longs to know and love us as we were created to be known and loved. Oh how He longs for us to remove the foreskins and reveal our hearts to Him, so that He can reveal His all-consuming love to us.

His greater agony in the garden was the deep pain in His heart because His love was not received or loved in return.
May we all prepare our hearts for this Christmas season, making “room in the inn” to love who was born for us, who took on flesh that we may come to know and receive Him personally into our hearts and lives!

Especially , for Catholics , may we be prepared to receive Him in the Holy Eucharist (going to confession as necessary). And may Mary inspire us to have her disposition and longing for His love!

“Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!” (Rev 22:20)


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