Man accused of killing 5 had lengthy record in St. Charles

By the time, Dakota Michael Theriot’s turbulent life escalated to being charged with murdering five people in two parishes he’d been involved in numerous life-threatening altercations in St. Charles Parish.

Theriot shocked the nation when he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder of his parents, Keith and Elizabeth Theriot, both 51, in Ascension Parish and his apparent girlfriend, Summer Earnest, her father, Billy Ernest, 43, and son, Tanner, 17, in Livingston Parish.

On Jan. 26, Theriot is accused of shooting them all to death. He fled to his grandmother’s residence in Virginia, where an overnight manhunt ended with his arrest there without incident.

At age 21, Theriot’s history of mental issues go back years with incidents also reported in St. Charles Parish. His attorneys are seeking an insanity plea.

His father’s last words to police was naming his son as his killer, according to Sheriff Bobby Webre.

In St. Charles Parish, Theriot, operating under the alias “Slim, The Riote,” married Kimberly Lynn Patman of Norco in 2015. Nearly six months later, they were divorced on June 22, 2016. The two lived in Norco.

Four months after the divorce, Portman filed a protective order against Theriot maintaining he was dangerous, according to court documents.

Patman alleged domestic abuse that included slapping, punching, choking, stalking and threatening her life with a gun with the most recent incident on Nov. 14, 2016.

In their relationship, which she said began on Dec. 16, 2014, Patman reported incidents that included Theriot throwing her out of a window when she refused his demands for sex and required she seek medical help for a fractured wrist. A year later, she said he was intoxicated and strangled her, behavior that she added also occurred before their marriage when he threatened to stab her with a knife and gave her two black eyes.

By August of 2016, she told deputies he strangled her in the parking lot of the Destrehan library, as well as threw her out of a window three times.

In this police report, Patman told deputies she had “fears for her safety” and feared Theriot would retaliate against her for calling the police.

By April 25, 2017, Theriot was stopped by deputies in his vehicle on Airline Highway when they smelled marijuana and asked him if he had drugs in the vehicle, according to the police report. He told them he didn’t have a driver’s license and then put the vehicle in drive leading officers on a two-mile chase at 80 mph. Theriot apparently tossed drugs and drug paraphanalia out of the vehicle before his vehicle was forced off the road just before Ormond Boulevard. He was taken into custody.

Two months later, on June 2, 2017, the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at 35 Good Hope St. in Norco where Theriot lived. He apparently threatened to burn the house down. Upon arrival, deputies positively identified him from previous incidents and Theriot told them he just wanted cigarettes and alcohol, but his parents locked him out.

Keith Theriot advised deputies that his son had been released from Seaside Treatment facility in Baton Rouge just the previous day.

“Dakota appeared to be hearing voices and was incoherent while his parents attempted to talk to him,” the police report states. Theriot apparently told his parents he was going to “set the house on fire with everyone inside,” which prompted his father to call 911.

His father told police “there is a family history of schizophrenia” but also told deputies that his son had not been diagnosed. He added his son had a drug history and was diagnosed with substance induced mood swings.

According to the police report, his father called police when his son allegedly kicked the door in.

“Keith Theriot stated Dakota Theriot is taking anti-psychotic medications” and taking them with alcohol, and that the combination was affecting him. His father also told police he was trying to get his son into long-term treatment, but had been unable to do so. He advised his son, “has gotten to the point he is unsafe in their home.”

Theriot was transported to St. Charles Hospital for mental evaluation and then committed for care.

En route, deputies reported observing him “talking as if having a conversation with someone sitting with him and answering the person back.”

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