Try to make good things happen in ‘12

By Harold Keller

The old year has completed its course. Whatever occurred in 2011 is history – gone forever.

A new year is facing us with 12 unused months filled with the unknown. The way we choose to spend those 12 months will depend mostly on us. It’s a new year with new challenges and new opportunities. The question to each of us is: Will we meet the challenges head-on, or just sit tight and wait for things to happen?

During the year, opportunities will be presented to us. Will we take advantage of them, or be content with our life, even if we admit that it is boring?

Will 2012 be just a new year with the same old routines, or will we try to make good things happen?

Anyone can tell how a person is doing by asking one simple question: “How are you doing?” Ninety-eight percent of the people will say one of two things. The most popular answer is: “I’m hanging in there.” My response to that is if you want to hang in, you ought to go to the zoo. That usually gets a laugh. The sad thing is that just hanging in is contrary to what God has planned for our lives. He wants us to surrender to His will.

The second most popular answer is: “I’m just existing.” With most people, that’s an honest answer. They aren’t living; they’re just existing. They’re not making things happen; they’re acting as a spectator and watching the world go by.

I must admit that I have not only been guilty of giving those answers, but actually living them out.

This coming year, I want to completely let go and let God direct my life. I’ve made a commitment to live each day to the fullest, meet every challenge head-on, and take advantage of every God-given opportunity.

I’ve decided to claim the good life that God promises in I Corinthians 2:9, “…Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

My goal in the New Year is to claim, with enthusiasm, the exciting life that God promises, with all the challenges and opportunities, knowing that He is in control of the results.

Happy New Year!


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