The ministry of yarn

One can only join in celebrating the Flying Needles.

In a world where we too wonder too often if there are still good people out there, here comes this little group of people crocheting chemo caps for cancer patients, as well as afghans and blankets for seniors in wheelchairs.

As the group’s leader, Alex Morales calls it a ministry.

With his words of praise and encouragement to the recipients of these handmade gifts, it certainly fits.

And this ministry of yarn tells an even greater story.

We are all the better for having known this cause. They often buy the yarn they use although Ashton Manor is rounding up a yarn contribution in gratitude for the recently received 38 shawls and afghans that Morales delivered to residents. Take this heart because every recipient – male or female – picked out the color they wanted as Morales greeted every one of them.

He also relayed his story of why this was important to him.

After surviving a triple heart bypass, Morales had a revelation that inspired him to pick up his crochet needles again for himself and others. He started crocheting and then circumstances led him to lead the Flying Needles and the group went to work on these gifts.


Now, this year’s project is making chemo caps for cancer patients.

Those needles are flying and we should be inspired over these good people being in our world.

As Willy Wonka at the Chocolate Factory (the original movie) said, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

Well, Flying Needles, shine on!


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