Thank you, Barry Guillot!

This community’s love for you is absolutely earned. It should be so for the science guy at Harry Hurst Middle School who has brought so much joy to children and adults alike in teaching us to love the natural world – and there is plenty to love in St. Charles Parish.

In an area with so much water and all the beautiful life that comes with it, you have selflessly shown us all why we need to preserve it for generations to come.

You envisioned Wetland Watchers Park and now children can enjoy an outdoor classroom and marvel at holding life in their hands.

The park overlooks the sprawling waters of Lake Pontchartrain, an impressive sight that brings children right into the heart of aquatic life.

This is an inspiration because we should all be stewards of this incredible gift, and so many have recognized its importance by supporting this effort.

Thousands of children have aspired to become a Wetland Watcher thanks to you.

Additionally, your own critters are incredible and we have loved their stories.

The heart of a man can certainly be measured by his love for reptiles that others have passed by or at least until you turned them into teachers, too.

Now, they contribute to growing love for their kind and bringing us all closer to learning about them.

How’s Iggy the partially paralyzed iguana who runs to his cage like a puppy?

Is Nagini, the red tail boa constrictor still curious and getting into everything?

And how’s Amadeus the 100-pound tortoise that you found a way to rescue after Hurricane Katrina? We thrilled to hear about your blue-tongued skinks (Blueberry and Boudin) with kisses that feel like a fruit rollup.

They’re all adopted or rescued residing at your Luling home.

Yes, we care. And we want to be sure you and your awesome menagerie are all okay because all of you are wonderful.

We know illness won’t stop you. But the community just wants to help and it’s wonderful seeing it give back to you, teacher.

Skink kisses and love, Barry.

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