Start addressing shootings now

It’s time for the world to come to the conclusion of what is causing the shooting melees going on in various areas around us. We don’t only have world wars anymore. We have gun firings and killings in state after state and country after country among friends and enemies by some we never would have thought would be on the end road of our gunfire.

Last week’s shootings at the school in Florida told us, in certain ways, that it sometimes is mostly a matter of either mental illness on part of the killers who have no desire or need to kill people but do so as their mind tumbles and brings misery to the individuals around them. Or it could just be the presence of dangerous weapons that irresistibly want to make them kill whoever falls in line.

We need an answer to those questions so we can determine how to repair the world we are in. At the present time, it is in sad shape.

First of all, we must get our national governments and states to create laws and means of enforcing them that discourage or give people no opportunities or reasons to kill and that could come about with two types of legislation. One would be to require everyone in the state or nation to take mental illness exams to determine if their minds are in the right framework to avoid inflicting harm to other citizens for no valid reason. The other would be not allow them to have any resource to dangerous weapons.

The first one would be an extensive operation and would require the equivalent of a driver’s license and a mental check-up to those who reach a certain age. The second would be to issue the right to have a gun only after a person has passed the mental check-up.

Solving the problem in one of those ways would require much government interaction and another large segment of government that can keep close check on the mental conditions of its citizens. And it would require constant checkups on which way the population is going.

Whatever the solution we come up with, it will require a much bigger government to manage so much control over the people of the world. We obviously have a big job ahead of us to try and keep this a peaceful world. It’s a problem that will require a lot of study so we need to start working on it now.


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  1. Are you really saying we need more government? Honestly, name one thing the government does well other than spend money. It is already a burden for many sane, law abiding citizens to acquire a Concealed Carry Permit. You really want to give the government the power to decide who is Mentally Fit? For the sole purpose of being able to own a firearm. More people are killed by tobacco, alcohol, car accidents, and medical malpractice each year.
    I’m curious. What would your stance be if the government had the ability to decide who was allowed to exercise their 1st Amendment rights?
    What is so hard to understand about “Shall not be infringed”?
    Far wiser men than what have leading us today saw fit to provide us with the 2nd Amendment. Any person willing to give up any of their rights deserves none.

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