A positive attitude helps us to realize that it’s gratefulness that makes us happy

We often take things for granted. I was recently autographing my books in an out of town church and a parishioner recognized me and said, “I read your article every week in my local newspaper.” (I write for five different newspapers in our area.) My response was, “Are you familiar with my book, What a Life?” She said, “No.”

After reflecting on that situation, I realize that many other newspaper readers might not be familiar with my book. I have been writing a column for the past 19 years. My readers kept asking me, “When are you going to put your columns in a book?” Well, a little more than three years ago I worked with Caroline Gorman and we put together 372 columns in a book entitled, “What a Life! Daily Readings for a Holistic Spiritual Life.”

I ordered 4,000 printed copies and they sent me a few hundred extras. On January 20 I sold my 4,000th book. Now, I only have 130 books left. The book is a hardback copy that contains material that will deepen people’s lives and help them to be more aware of our living God.

The book sells for $25 plus postage. (Postage for the books is cheep – $4 for one book and about $10 for four.) The money that I receive from the sales goes to my foundation for startup programs for area churches and schools. I live below Houma off Highway 56 in Upper Little Caillou. If you live or work in the area, we can arrange to meet somewhere.

My bestsellers have been readers who have read the book and then ordered more copies for presents for relatives and friends. If you are interested in buying my book, you can contact me by e-mail, willietodd@juno.com, or write to me at 267 Klondyke Road, Bourg, LA 70343, or call me at (985) 594-3171. I need to know you phone number, who is the book dedicated to, and to whom should I mail them. I am not going to have a second printing of this book but I do hope to start working on a new book soon.

The following is a story about Attitude. A writer wrote the following about his experiences in 2017. “Last year, they removed my gall bladder. I was stuck in bed for a long time. I also became 60 and had to give up my favorite job. I’d spent 30 years with this publishing company.

“In the same year, I experienced the death of my father and my son was in a car accident. He was hospitalized with a cast on his leg for several days. He couldn’t complete his medical examination and consequently was issued a failing grade. My car was completely totaled.

“Alas! This was a horrible year!”

When his wife entered the room, she found her husband looking dejected, sad and lost in his thoughts. She carefully read what he had written, then silently left the room and came back shortly afterwards with another piece of paper. She had written her outlook of the year’s events and placed it beside her husband’s paper.

He picked it up and read her version on the year’s events. She wrote, “Last year, I finally got rid of my gall bladder that had given me many years of pain. I turned 60 with sound health and retired from my job. Now I can use my time to write with more focus and peace.

“This same year, my 95-year-old father, without depending on anyone and without any critical conditions, met his Creator. Shortly after, God blessed my son with life. My car was destroyed, but my son was alive and without permanent disability.

“2017 was an immense blessing!”

These are the same incidents from different viewpoints! In life, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy! Attitude is everything. It’s the one thing that we always have control of. Be positive. Jesus was.


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Father Wilmer Todd is author and lives in Bourg. Until his retirement, he lived in Thibodaux.

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