Pope labels Syrian war ‘inhumane’

Pope Francis put his two cents in about the war in Syria calling it “inhumane” and asked for an end to it.

He is seeking an end to the fighting with immediate access to humanitarian aid for those in need of which there are many and evacuation of the injured and infirm.

“My thoughts often turn to that beloved and martyred Syria where the war has intensified, especially in eastern Ghouta,” he said

Feb. 25 after praying the Angelus with people gathered in St. Peter Square.

“This month of February has been one of the most violent in seven years of conflict: hundreds, thousands of civilian victims – children, women, the elderly. Hospitals have been hit and people can’t get anything to eat,” he said. “All of this is inhumane. Evil cannot be fought with evil. And war is an evil.”

According to an article in the Clarion Herald, the Pope then launched a “heartfelt appeal that the violence immediately end, that access to humanitarian aid – food and medicine – – be given and that the injured and ill be evacuated” from an area under rebel control.

Also, the U. N. Security Council voted unanimously Feb. 24 for a 30-day cease fire in Syria.

Hopefully, Syria will soon become a peaceful country once again.



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