Our future under construction

Few things are more important to the quality of our lives than the education of our children. No matter where we live and what we do; we all have a stake in the performance of our public schools – now and in the future. A solid education is certainly the best foundation for our children’s success and with that, our success. Think about it, if you really want to look into your future, visit a public school. This is where our future is under construction.

So what is it that brings good education? There is no one, easy answer. To one parent, it’s an emphasis on academics and high-test scores. To another, it’s strong discipline and lots of structure. To another, it’s computers. Yet some feel it is open classrooms with lots of problem solving and independent work, or even art and music and a strong focus on creativity.

While all these things are true, one of the greatest factors in quality education certainly has to be the support given to them by their communities. For this, St. Charles Parish has received high marks.

Local residents have always been extremely supportive of public education. But, our supportiveness doesn’t come without conditions and goals. Local residents demand quality and accountability for their support of public education. And, so they should.

Our local school system has proven once again that they are up for the challenge and worthy of such unselfish support. If you attend either Hahnville or Destrehan High School’s graduation ceremonies during the next few days, it will be easy to see that our School Board is keeping their end of the bargain. Between the two schools, our kids were offered millions of dollars in college and vocational scholarships.

For some this means students will be able to continue their studies, an option that didn’t exist prior to their awards. For others who’s parents can afford to send their kids off to college, the addtional money will make this task a little easier.

You simply can’t argue with success. This cooperation between the community and the school board has given St. Charles Parish a public school system that is second to none.

As in everything, you get what you pay for. You can’t place a value on a good education. But, here in St. Charles Parish, what ever that value might be, simply add several millions from scholarship awards offered to the total to get a more accurate figure.


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