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During a victory celebration on February 23 at Destrehan Plantation, the United Way of St. Charles will announce the results of the 2006 campaign that will fund the many agencies that contribute so much to our quality of life. After a year of tremendous demands on the non-profit service providers, the success of this year’s pledges will have great impact on a post-Katrina St. Charles Parish.

Hurricane Katrina has certainly shown just how vulnerable our region and residents are. Hundreds of thousands of Southeast Louisiana residents found themselves dependant on the many services made possible through the very organizations they supported, never thinking they too would need assistance. A vivid example of this was evident at the Red Cross processing location set up in Hahnville last year where old cars waited along side Mercedes’ and BMWs. Each, with occupants who by a twist of fate, shared a common Delia… all were homeless and needed help.

The United Way campaign annually helps our local charitable agencies fund important programs and projects, money that is vital to these agencies, and just as our community depends on the services provided, these agencies depend on your support as well.

When a community raises as much as we consistently do for the United Way, it is a sign of pride and accomplishment, and it’s one that should be recognized. It demonstrates the caring generosity of the citizens of St. Charles Parish as both individually and collectively, we touch the lives of thousands through programs for youth, elderly, those with special needs, and those in emergency and crisis situations.

Real people with real needs put a face on the help each of us lend when we contribute to the United Way. Human beings – from the very young to the very elderly, the big and strong to the small and weak, folks of every race and economic background – are touched by the United Way efforts.

Meeting human service needs cannot be achieved through one person, one agency, or one contributor. It is a combined effort by everyone to make our communities the very best place to live and raise our families. St. Charles Parish has consistently proven itself as being a progressive and compassionate community.

The success of our United Way is just one of those things that make us unique. This year, so many of you have done your part in touching the lives of your own neighbors. Your community is much stronger thanks to your support.


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