It’s getting time to decide how to vote

We’re sure most folks in St. Charles Parish have already decided who they will vote for to serve as President next. But the job isn’t over.

A few other voting issues must be disected and a choice made as to how to mark their ballots on November 4. And in the final analysis, our votes will count more on those issues than who we choose for President and Vice President.

Sen. Mary Landrieu and Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy are battling it out for the seat Landrieu now holds. She is supporting Barrack Obama for President and Kennedy is supporting John McCain.

Also, part of the parish will vote on the next U. S. Representative from District 1 in Louisiana. Steve Scalise, who was elected to the seat last spring after Bobby Jindal resigned it to serve as Governor is faced by Jim Harlan who has made a strong effort to unseat him. And a race looms for public service commissioner from ——–

But it doesn’t end there. Seven proposed Louisiana Constitutional Amendments will be on the ballot. They cover a variety of subjects. A description of them along with their pros and cons appears elsewhere in this issue of the Herald-Guide.

So take time to digest all of this food for thought in advance. And try to make sure your vote counts in the best way possible.

We’re sure many people are confused about who they are voting for and why. Louisiana is the only state in the union that uses closed party primaries for federal officials and open  primaries for state and local officials

Perhaps that should be changed in the future to help eliminate such confusion. But it means we will have to end our open primaries which in the long run gave us more choice in our elections.

So bear with it and make this election count to help our country and state. It’s part of the process we have to participate in if we want our democracy to work.


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