North Korea may be giving up nukes

There appears to be good news arising from the other side of the planet as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reveals what seems to be a turnaround in his previous determinations to keep the rest of the world around him on the nuclear alert. His previous attitudes were to threaten the possibility of bombing sites in the Pacific Ocean and in the Western Hemisphere with the many nuclear weapons he has stored up for what most people thought was for his last word in taking control of the freedom loving nations of the world.

For the past couple of weeks he has issued messages of having no intent on continuing such threats he has made in the past of bombing Japan and someday blasting the United States of America and other democracies we count as our friends. In fact, Kim also vowed during a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday to shut down North Korea’s nuclear weapons test site in May.

While there are continuing questions about whether or not North Korea will ever decide to fully relinquish its nuclear weapons, Kim’s comments appear to be the North’s acknowledgement that it would amount to that.

South Korean officials reportedly have made numerous trips between Pyongyang and Washington to broker talks between Kim and President Donald Trump that are expected to be held in May or June. Indications are that Kim has expressed a lot of interest in getting rid of his nuclear weapons. And that, of course, is in our interest, too.

Kim seems to be entering our side – the side of democracy and peacefulness – in turning North Korea into a country where the citizens can enjoy living more than in a country of dictatorship which he favored before. Hopefully, we can help make that resurrection.


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