Major shootings are startling the U. S.

Another major shooting event has startled the nation at a barroom filled with college students last week  at Thousand Oaks, Calif.,where 12 people were killed by a former U. S. Marine machine gunner who first threw a smoke bomb into the crowd. He then opened fire with a gun. Eighteen others were injured in the bloody massacre.

The bar and grill was hosting innocent line-dancing lessons for college students as young as 18. Also included were parties for two women celebrating their 21st birthdays with the innocent crowd.

Blood spilled all over the night club while terrified patrons scrambled for cover as the shots pervaded the atmosphere. Many of the customers used bar stools to break the second floor windows in an attempt to get to safety below.

Many other such tragedies have occurred in the United States during recent years when safety from such tragedies were not supposed to take place in the home of the free and the brave. But apparently that theory does not always occur.

The time is coming to where gunshots are not to be tinkered with. When death is a possible result, we need to resort to safety of the population as the necessary outcome.

We therefore want the nation to fulfill its obligation to provide that home for the free and the brave and make this a pleasant land where we can enjoy its freedom to live lives that we want to enjoy without being within gun range of its destroyers.

In order to achieve that objective, we have to have some sort of gun control that can prevent such events as happened last week in Thousand Oaks and occurred several weeks ago in Las Vegas. The suspected gunman in last week’s killing was Ian David Long who was found dead of a gunshot wound in a back room at the bar. It is not known if he was killed by himself or by law enforcers.

But our leadership in Washington and throughout the nation must find a way that gunshots will no longer limit our ability to live in our nation where liberty and our safety will not be at risk.


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