Louisiana’s Gulf Coast Is getting worse

The deteriorating Gulf Coast of Southeast Louisiana is getting worse by the day according to recent reports from some of the major news outlets in the country.

We have been decrying for several years now how our fabulous home is leaving us.

We had thought our plans for the future would be preserved for all locals to continue enjoying the many benefits we have enjoyed from our coast.

But it appears that town after town in southeast Louisiana is having many problems that are difficult to erase.

We have had a constant assault from hurricanes and tropical storms – three of them just last year.

Since 1932, some 2,000 square miles have disappeared off our coast which is the size of some of our entire states.

Jean Lafitte, for example, is one community along our coast that is threatening to depart from Louisiana, according to recent reports.

And there are many others, such as Cocodrie, Delacrois, Dulac, Ile de Jean Charles, Kraemer, Leeville, Paradis, Pointe-aux-Chenes and Venice until Louisiana’s coastline is all water.

Plans are already underway to move residents of Ile de Jean Charles to an area near Thibodaux.

We had thought that the major plans for coastal restoration would save us for the time being but at the present time is seems at risk.

If we don’t get some positive results in renewing our coast soon, we will be further away from our goal.

We need citizen participation to talk to their lawmakers and make them aware that things have not improved recently and unless we make a major advance soon, not only will southeastern Louisiana be gone but it could be the entire coast of Louisiana gone to sea.



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