Louisianans want more opportunity, not excuses

This small business owner echoed the collective cry of Louisiana voters when they elected a whole new type of legislator in the 2019 cycle. Pundits analyzing our governor’s race have opined ad nauseam about how that race was far more about mudslinging than substance. They are correct. However, while there may be no clear mandate from that race, there is a deafening mandate from Louisiana voters for change as voiced in their collective choices for legislators around the state. In fact, voters across Louisiana sent to the Capitol the most reform-minded Legislature ever elected and they sent them with a clear mandate. They want to see meaningful legal reform. They want a better tax code. They want fewer regulations strangling startups and entrepreneurs. They want economic opportunity. They want their kids to find a job here when they graduate. They want Louisiana to finally reach its infinite potential.

This new freshman class of legislators is full of smart, diverse, business-minded leaders who know how policies enacted at the Capitol play out in real life across Louisiana. And that’s critical for progress.

That sentiment stretches across our state government, to our Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, where all eight elected members of our state’s highest school board are reform-minded education champions uninterested in the status quo, focused instead on opportunities for our students, on critical workforce development needs, and on building a brighter future through our education system.

Louisiana’s newly elected legislature, our state school board and our latest Supreme Court Justice represent a voting public saying “no” to more excuses and “yes” to more opportunity. They don’t ask for much, at least in their mind, it doesn’t sound like very much. In fact, it sounds pretty darn easy to them.  Fix our economy. Safeguard our tax dollars. Improve our schools. Build roads we need and cut programs we don’t.


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Stephen Waguespack is the President and CEO of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI). As the state’s chamber of commerce and manufacturer’s association, LABI is the largest business advocacy group, representing more than 2,200 business members and 324,000 employees.

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