Louisiana House of Reps is schizophrenic on taxes

This is another in a series of interim reports on the taxing frenzy by legislators to increase our taxes.

The additional taxes are a “Band-Aid” for a problem created solely by the legislators spending more money than they have.

The legislators exacerbated the problem by spending one-time money for the last seven years on recurring expenses.

On Thursday, the House voted on House Bill 778, which will increase the state sales tax from 4 cents to 5 cents on each dollar.

The bill failed to gain a two-thirds vote and thus is up for reconsideration.

If the tax later gets a two-thirds vote, then it moves to the Senate.

To see how your legislator voted go here: http://1.usa.gov/1HH3hqO.

A yea is for increasing the tax.  A nay is against the tax increase. An absent is the same as a nay vote.

One step forward another back

Last week the House increased our taxes by removing numerous tax exemptions, credits, exclusions, etc., plus increased other taxes.

In a schizophrenic move on Thursday, the House passed  house bill 207 to exempt certain baked goods from the state sales tax.

To see how your legislator voted go here: http://1.usa.gov/1Jen9qM.

A yea is for the exemption. A nay is against the exemption.  An absent is the same as a nay vote.

The author of the tax exemption is Rep. Lance Harris.Harris, we are informed, publicly dared citizens of Louisiana to litigate question of whether the taxes passed by the House last week by a majority rather than a two-thirds vote.

Sometimes the House requires a two-thirds vote to increase our taxes and sometimes only a majority.

The legislators don’t care what the state constitution says.

It’s the type of contempt for the citizens of Louisiana as shown by Harris that is proof the legislators don’t represent you; they represent the government bureaucrats.Constituents of Harris are encouraged to contact him to remind him who he works for.

Here’s his contact info:(318) 767-6095 or his District Office, P.O. Box 13555, Alexandria, LA, 71315-3555.


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