Campaigns preparing for early voting push

Louisiana’s early voting period for this fall’s elections, is scheduled to kick off with a certain amount of political fanfare.

During the early voting period’s brief run through Louisiana’s elections, voters have become more comfortable with the alternative, as evidenced by an increase in this particular balloting.

Political consultants say this has moved the schedule for routine political activities up by a month or more in some instances. That, in turn, may mean that voters are increasingly making their decisions.

“As expected, undecided voters are making up their minds quickly ahead of early voting,” said Mary-Patricia Wray, founder of Top Drawer Strategies. “But with negative messages from the top of the ballot on screens and radios everywhere, turnout could be depressed. As candidates make their final pitches to voters, I expect personal, biographical persuasion to re-energize likely voters.”

Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin is encouraging voters to utilize the state’s smartphone app, GeauxVote Mobile, to find out where to early vote. Voters can also access the same information via the department’s Voter Portal by visiting

For further election information, visit or call 225.922.0900.

Political History: From French to Spanish rule

Next week marks the 255th anniversary of France’s decision to officially unload the Louisiana territory to Spain.

It was a real backroom kind of a deal, with French officials keeping the colonists in the dark for two years. When France sent representatives to Louisiana to begin the process in 1762, they found a government that was described as “understaffed and corrupt.” The treasury, in fact, was nearly empty at the time.


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