Is North Korea changing its tune?

There seems to be good news coming this way from North Korea for the first time in quite a while. After much time of bickering back and forth between the communist dictatorship and our side of the world, there seems to be a possibility our two countries will be able to join together and become partners in a friendly world after all.

After months of insults and threats from North Korean leader Kim Jung Un over his country’s stance of maintaining a nuclear arsenal backed with threats of bombing on America and other of our friends in the world, he seemingly has changed his attitude completely on his intentions in the future. The South Korean national security director Chung Eui-yong announced they planned a summit with President Donald Trump in the North Korean capital.

This would be the first such meeting between the two countries in seven decades of animosity. The 1950-53 Korean War ended with an armistice but not with a peace treaty.

Reportedly, Chung said that he is committed to denuclearization and that North Korea will refrain from any more nuclear tests or preparation for warfare. The two countries have already agreed to a leadership summit in April over the matter of resolving our relationships.

What a relief that is for our two countries, which most people thought were beyond a peaceful settlement, can get together with such intentions. Chung said that he is eager to meet Trump as soon as possible.

It’s time for the U. S. and North Korea to press the peace buttons which they both have claimed to possess and continue the process that appears ahead of us for the betterment of our world. We always knew Trump had some good in him in regards to his dealings with North Korea though it had seemed a bitter entanglement for some time now. Now that there talk is resolving to more peaceful enounters, we hope it continues in that direction and we can join each other in making this a better world in which to exist.



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