Hurricane season is here. Are you ready?

As you have heard, hurricane season has arrived. And it is up to us to calm it down.

And we can do that best by getting prepared. Make sure you have your essentials ready to go when the alarm sounds.

And be sure you have gas in your car and other necessities needed in a life-threatening situation that requires you to get away out of the threatening atmosphere.

Hurricanes need not be a foreboding experience. Many South Louisiana folks survive the threats and haunts that can conflict them in the many storms that come by whether they strike them or not.

In fact, many can pass them by unperturbed while reading a novel or listening with pleasure to the winds that go by.But be practical.

Get prepared so that if you need to declare a little emergency you will be able to do it without letting it get you unprepared.

Hopefully, this will be a rather calm hurricane season as predicted and we will not be much disturbed by it.

But if it is otherwise, it is best to be prepared in advance than to wish it had turned the other way.

First off, we have to prepare our perimeters for any possible flybys that may come around in the midst of a storm such as tree limbs hitting houses, high water and heavy winds that can dismantle rooftops and leave the occupants exposed to the elements promoted by the hurricanes. Also, we have to have plans where to go if those flybys create too much of a problem for our normal type of living in place.

This year is scheduled to be a rather calm hurricane season. But beware.

Such is not always the case when only one instead of 15 major disasters appear. That one can invoke more damage than  15 ordinary storms could provide.

So be prepared and start doing it now. After all, the season started Monday and we have a long way to go.

And that season can extend into a long aftermath with a lot of damage that could have been avoided if we had been prepared in the first place.


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