Grand Isle is the place to be

If you haven’t been to Grand Isle, La., lately, you have to go. The eight-mile long beach there today is twice as wide as it was last year after it had shrunk down to one of its smallest sizes in recent history.

The sandy terrain is smoother than ever and gives vacationers a relaxing place to settle down and watch the waves come in from the Gulf of Mexico. The shallowness of the coast allows even the smallest of tykes to enjoy the easy access which it allows them to play in the surf as it nears the beach.

The island itself has grown a great deal in population in the past with many new camp houses occupying much of the formerly vacant properties along the coast. A lot of that construction is rentable and could be easily occupied by vacationers.

Of course, Grand Isle is not only a beach resort but is also a place where sportsmen and vacationers can go to catch fish right off the beach or they can put their crab traps in the water and boil the crustaceans right there on the beach when they are caught.

The coastal resort also has plenty of entertainment opportunities.

The town has modernized by allowing visitors to ride in golf carts on the beach with a permit. Also, the state highway along the beach front has two paved lanes added for use by the carts which makes their accessibility to the beach easier.

If you have not gone to Grand Isle yet this year, don’t wait. Go now and you will probably find yourself going back and forth throughout the year as you enjoy the ease you have of getting around and the natural beauty and serenity you will enjoy while being there.


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