Getting a dog park is paw-tastic

Yes, it’s a long time coming for many people in St. Charles Parish – the dog park.

Not all agree it’s the best use of tax dollars, but many do feel it is and have stated so often. Many residents maintain it’s a much desired quality of life project and one they’ve asked for several years.

Council members stated as much at last Monday’s council meeting, emphasizing their constituents – many of them – have asked about its status.
It shouldn’t be a surprise considering the public’s growing support for the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter.

Volunteers are walking dogs, petting cats and securing help for those unfortunate creatures lost, abandoned and injured. The shelter is proactive with many showing their appreciation by donating time and/or money for them. The St. Charles Humane Society helps, too, and many have benefitted from its assistance.
How impressive it is to see so much concern and support for animals.

I’m not going to hide it – I love critters. Our compassion and love for them is certainly impressive.

Thanks St. Charles Parish for making it possible for them to touch grass, walk in the sunshine and us glowing over knowing we’ve made the world a better place for them, too.



  1. I’ve been asking for proper drainage for 44 years to keep my house from flooding due to moderate rainfall. No one has done anything to accomplish that. Yet this council can come up with what will in the end amount to more than half a million dollars for a playground for dogs.

  2. What happened to getting a boat launch in this parish? This parish seems to have money for everything else?

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