Who’ll be the next governor?

It’s not too hard to figure out who two of the candidates in the next governor’s race will be. The incumbent Democrat Kathleen Blanco has already thrown her bonnet into the ring. And everyone expects Republican Cong. Bobby Jindall to repeat his candidacy from the last race.Now word is about that ex-Sen. John Breaux has not said he will not run. Which means he could be thinking about it.

We’re sure the governorship has crossed the mind of Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu but he is heavily involved in the race for mayor of New Orleans against 21 other aspirants and the current incumbent. We suspect, however, that the governorship is one of his ultimate desires, perhaps after Blanco’s second term or instead of it if he is needed to save the ship for the Democrats. In such a case, his race for mayor could be merely a stepping stone, whether he wins or loses.

Other than those four, the prospects of major gubernatorial candidates entering the race have not become prominent. Sen. David Vitter thought about it but withdrew. And we’re sure Sen. Mary Landrieu has hardly entertained the notion, having afixed herself as the best-looking senator on Capital Hill.

At this point, the odds heavily favor the repeat of a battle between Blanco and Jindal. Bobby was favored to win last time but lost out at the last minute because he didn’t turn political enough at the end. It was difficult for a gentleman like him to do so against a nice lady like Kathleen.

But Hurricane Katrina has given the present governor a record that may not be favorable in all respects. It could be her downfall and Jindall’s aggressive attempt to get offshore oil revenue for Louisiana could benefit him.

Breaux was a conservative Democrat and has a lot of respect from both parties in Louisiana. He could make it an interesting threesome.

But unless he gets serious, look for a repeat of the 2003 slate that Blanco championed.


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