Happy New Year – we hope!

As the year we are about to leave behind us goes its way, we hope there can be better days ahead than some of those we experienced in 2016 and before.

We are looking forward to a world with peace and happiness primarily on our minds.

Not that our world has not been a beneficial place in which to live for most of us. But there has been much misery left behind and we hope there can be some changes in the years ahead that will make the world a better place in which to live.

True, our country and world have been through bitter years before with world wars and every other imaginable disaster taking its toll and we have to strive to make it better and keep it that way. Our democracies have sought ways to make it peaceful and its up to the people to carry it out.

This year, which ends Saturday, has had far too many crimes committed. Just this past week, for example, some 50 people were shot apparently from gang warfare in Chicago. And such has been the case in many other American cities which are supposed to be peaceful.

Hopefully a new presidency in this country, which starts in just a few days, can change the everyday outlook of many citizens who are much too fast with the trigger that brings such a high unnecessary death toll. And it is a problem which requires attention if we are to be a peaceful nation and can influence the rest of the world to have similar peaceful outlooks.

Of course, the rest of the world is not so much subject to our command but there are ways of influencing them. Through international organizations such as United Nations, we should be able to influence other countries of the values of peaceful intentions and the slowing down of unnecessary violence in all of the world’s activities.

So hopefully we can get on the bandwagon and turn Mother Earth into a peaceful planet where the people think twice before committing unnecessary acts of violence that destroy the peaceful order of living we should be experiencing.

Of course, it is not just those of criminal minds that are causing the trouble. Everyone in this country and world can play a role in making it peaceful by preaching to other citizens to help them live in harmony with each other.

So speak out and spread the word to everyone that violence is unnecessary and we can live in a peaceful atmosphere with all of the benefits we can have in today’s society. And with that wish, let us all spread the word that terrorism or violence in any form is not necessary this coming year . . . or in any of the years ahead.


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