Castro’s departure could be future benefit

The death of Fidel Castro left a void in the western hemisphere of the world that could be viewed as a benefit to our future.

During the years before his emergence as the most prominent communist dictator on this side of the globe, Cuba was one of the United States’ good friends in commerce and vacation frivolities.

But then came his entry into the bowels of the Caribbean island that led it astray in the type of dictatorship that destroys freedom and brings poverty to those who are trapped within its boundaries.

And he threatened to start a world war between Russia and the United States, which at the time could have developed into a nuclear conflict.

Castro’s barbarous rule lasted for years until he became somewhat disabled and his brother, Raul, took over. But Raul, more or less, followed Fidel’s rules and kept the communist nation somewhat headed in the same direction. And, today, the country somewhat follows the principles of torrid rules that Fidel invoked during his early years there.

Hopefully, the political and social climate there will change in Fidel’s absence and the country will become what it could have become from the beginning. It is possible that Raul will follow a path of government that is fair to its population that none of his brother’s proclamations provided.

And the communist past he followed should be undone to make Cuba the rich and wonderful country which it is capable of providing.

We hope Cuba can once again become one of the bright lights of our hemisphere such as it was before Castro cast his evil dictatorship upon the country. And we look forward to Louisiana once again becoming a great friend of the country that we can meld into a friendly partisanship that will benefit both of us.


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