Big weekend ahead for Grand Isle

The oldest fishing rodeo in the country resumes this weekend after a brief one-year absence due to the BP oil spill. And we can expect fishermen and hangers-on living it up again in Grand Isle style as though nothing ever happened.

Our island paradise is really back to normal. Multiple hurricanes and a heavy flow of oil and dispersant couldn’t do it in.

The good things are still there, such as great fishing, wonderful crabbing, super surfing, exciting water skiing — in other words, the finest in water sports one can enjoy anywhere.

The golden sand beach is more beautiful than ever. It is cleaned regularly to make up for those who leave debris around, and there are some.

One can hardly tell the difference between today and before BP intruded except that now it is even more inviting. Or maybe it is because that missing year made us yearn for it more.

It is such a fishing paradise. One can head out to sea for snapper or other deep sea catches or steer northward for inland fishing that produces speckled trout, flounder, redfish and just about every other salt water brand that can be caught along the Gulf Coast and in greater numbers. Or they can wade out into the Gulf and get an abundance of crabs and specks.

When you’re not fishing, you can enjoy strolling along the wide beach that has become one of the most beautiful in America. We also appreciate that it is not burdened by cars driving along it as in other resorts. And the beach and island are not crowded with tourists to take away from the natural enjoyment of the seashore.

Just south of St. Charles Parish, it takes only a couple hours to drive there and enjoy its benefits. And you will find it has as much to offer as many of the more famous resorts hundreds or thousands of miles away.

If you like the excitement of fishing competition, go to the Tarpon Rodeo this weekend but be prepared for seven miles of bumper to bumper traffic on the island and a lot of partying and celebrating If you prefer quieter times while still catching your limits, you might wait a week or two to take in the natural beauty of one of the nation’s most enjoyable seashore resorts.


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