Dow employee Tyler Morvant is passionate ambassador of Dow’s Supplier Diversity Program

As part of Dow’s Supplier Diversity Program, Dow employee Tyler Morvant has made it her personal mission to educate firms considering bidding on work with Dow they may be more qualified to work with Dow then they ever imagined, regardless of their firms’ size.

“My goal is to show folks that “I am Dow” – big or small, you can compete, especially when you stay true to your core values and are the best at what you do,” Morvant explained of Dow’s Supplier Diversity Program.

Morvant works in Purchasing and Sourcing, where her job responsibilities revolve around incorporating the key principles of Dow’s Supplier Diversity Program – ensuring a diverse group of labor services from minorities, women, veterans, disabled persons and other varied-background enterprises are used whenever Dow seeks to hire third-party firms. This initiative is part of Dow’s core mission to drive bottom-line value, drive competition in its supplier base, all while still supporting economic growth in the local communities Dow operates within.

Dow has created a modeling system that rates outside contracting firms based on numerous critical requirements of what an ideal partner looks like. Employees like Morvant evaluate then apply those criterions to the bid pool for each project they must hire for. The end result of this modeling process can often yield surprising results, Morvant explained.

As a result of Dow’s proprietary modeling process, she says she has seen firms as small as six employees overwhelmingly win projects when they excel in their particular area of expertise, proving size doesn’t necessarily matter when working with Dow.

“My message to everyone is perfect your craft and stay steady – the opportunities will come,” Morvant said regarding Dow’s bid process.

Morvant, 40, currently works as Labor and Services Sourcing Manager, a position she earned over her 13-year career at Dow, beginning at an entry level position and scaling the corporate ladder at Dow from there.

“When I started in 2010, I was an administrative professional, and with the help of an exceptional leader, I’ve been able to lay the groundwork for continuous career development – up to and beyond the role that I have now,” Morvant said of her career thus far. “The sky is the limit! I love that people at my homesite get to see the progress of my career within Dow.”

Morvant was a recent member of the Leadership River Region Class of 2023, a seven-month leadership program focused on community, economic development, diversity, equity, inclusion, tourism and several other critical focus areas in the River Parishes.

“I learned the value using my energy to elevate my team and also consciously recognizing the strengths and needs of others,” Morvant said of the Leadership River Region program. “I highly recommend the Leadership River Region experience – it’s such a unique leadership development program, and you graduate learning so much more about yourself and the communities we live and grow in.”

Morvant said her enthusiasm for her work at Dow shines through in all that she does, a clear sign Dow management did a proper job assessing her natural abilities and placing her in a role where she could excel.

“I love the job that I have here, and it’s usually impressed upon people the second that we get to talking about,” Morvant said enthusiastically regarding her career thus far at Dow. “I always wanted a job where I could do exactly what I’m doing now – change the way our parishes are seen; change the way that many companies do business.”


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