Two St. Charles Parish School Board incumbents face opposition

Nicole Dufrene
Barbara Fuselier

Two St. Charles Parish School Board members will face opposition in the Nov. 6 primary election, the most encountered in the last two elections.

Incumbent Melinda Bernard faces challenger Barbara Fuselier in District 2, and incumbent Clarence “Sonny” Savoie faces opponent Nicole Dufrene in District 4.

Bernard is a Republican and Savoie, a Democrat.

Bernard has served eight years on the board and this is her first time with opposition. Savoie has served 32 years.

Six incumbents have been re-elected without opposition, including Ellis Alexander in District 1, John Smith in District 5, John “Jay” Robichaux in District 6, Art Aucoin in District 7 and Al Suffrin, board president, in District 8.

Dennis Naquin, who has served 12 years in District 3, faced challenger Joe Larre, but he withdrew from the race.

In the last two elections, 2010 and 2014, Alexander was the only board member who faced opposition. He subsequently won the election.

Smith is the board’s longest serving member, Suffrin said.

Overall, he said school board members are limited to three four-year terms consecutively as of Jan. 1, 2015.

The term beginning Jan. 1, 2019 is the second of the three terms for the incumbents.

While more public offices are going toward term limits, he said an unintended consequence of the move could mean all board members term out at the same time without a provision for staggered terms.

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  1. Mr.Sonny has laid a great foundation for this school system, but 32 years is too long for one person to hold office, its time for new faces to appear in the St.Charles Parish Public School System to build upon that foundation, and that’s why we should vote for Nicole Dufrene!

  2. Mr.Sonny has helped me get threw high school he is dedicated to helping anyone and should be revoted to serve his term. He would do anything to help someone out. Vote for Sonny! Hes the best option there is.

  3. Mr. Sonny has helped me get threw high school and is dedicated to serving the people. He is a honest and dependable man. He must have been doing something right to serve 32 years! Vote for Mr.Sonny! The best one ther is! He sure got my vote!

  4. Me sunny might have been in for 32 years but if he made it that far then he must be doing something right.
    He believes in solving the problem that’s what matters

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