Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor 5-27-2011

A letter from Paul Hogan, Councilman District IV

Dear Editor,

To the residents of the Sunset Drainage District, Parish President V.J. St. Pierre and I have developed two amendments that the Parish President will have added to Senate Bill 261 which allows for the Council to replace the Board of Commissioners with the Council should the day come that the residents of the District and the Council are confident that the area will see greater benefits in flood protection to the District from both tidal and rainfall events. […]


Our business climate matters

The current national economic downturn is the worst the nation has experienced since the economic malaise of the early 1980s. Many of us in Louisiana remember well how that terrible recession and the plunge in energy prices devastated our state’s economy. Thousands of Louisiana businesses went bankrupt or left the state, and millions of our workers moved away to find employment elsewhere. It took a full decade for our economy to begin to find solid footing again. It was the most painful economic era since the Great Depression for our people.