Putting property tax into perspective

New data recently released by the Tax Foundation reconfirms the fact that the residential property tax burden in Louisiana is the lowest in the nation. The Tax Foundation is recognized as an unbiased source of the most accurate and up-to-date tax information in America. The foundation recently released results of its study of the three year average (2006-2008) of residential property taxes in U.S. counties with populations of 20,000 or more. […]


Residential property taxes not out of line

One of the most controversial proposals that will be debated in the upcoming legislative session will be attempts to increase Louisiana’s homestead exemption for residential property taxes. The only legitimate reason for doing this would be if residential property taxes in the state were out of line. I would like to forward some evidence confirming that is not the case. […]


Runoff candidates speak out

On Nov. 17, area residents will return to the polls to elect one of the eight candidates for parish council that are currently in a runoff. The candidates vary in age, gender and profession, but they all have one goal in common; improving St. Charles Parish. […]