Trout fishing has been hit or miss in Grand Isle

Trout fishing in Grand Isle has been hit or miss this summer. Depending on who you talk to, some anglers have caught limits of trout, while others have struggled to catch a few.

Rene D’Arcangelo is one of those fishermen who has had trouble limiting out.

“This time of year speckled trout are in the surf, but we can’t get out there. When the tides are right, the weather has kept us off the beaches,” he said.

As for Craig Cuccia, the back bays around Grand Isle have produced good quality specks.

“I like to look for areas where islands have disappeared. When I’m running open water and my GPS shows I’m over an island and it’s open water, I’ll stop and fish that area,” Cuccia said. “Everyone on the boat will throw something different, but my favorite is a live bait rig with a live shrimp under a cork or on the bottom.”

Joey Bosco is no stranger to the Grand Isle waters. If Bosco hasn’t caught a speckled trout, it means the fish have lockjaw.

“I think the Mississippi River water has pushed a lot of speckled trout west of Grand Isle. We fished the surf of Elmer’s Island and caught some nice fish on live croakers and avocado sparkle beetles. It was mid-morning and the tide changed,” Bosco said. “Many of the boats fishing around us left, but when the tide changed, high to low, it was like a light switch.

“We had three people in the boat and we put 75 speckled trout in the ice chest.”

Bosco’s favorite bait is a 3-inch baby croaker on a live bait rig in the surf.

“Big speckled trout will attack and kill a small croaker when speckled trout are spawning,” Bosco said. “Some days I’ll catch only 10 speckled trout, but when I fish with baby croakers and limit out with 2-pound trout it puts a big Kool-Aid smile on my face.” Good spots to fish around Grand Isle are:

•The surf from Pass Fourchon to Four Bayou’s Pass•The rocks at the end of Caminada Pass•In front of Fort Livingston and the old Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ camps•The western point in Four Bayou Pass•Any sunken island in Bay Andre, Martigan Point, Gronk Island, Dutch Island, Sherman’s Bay and Porpoise BayTips to catch trout:

•Fish tide changes stronger than a foot •Use live bait, including 3-inch baby croakers and live shrimp.•Use #4 treble hooks or khales•Best colors for artificial have been the blue moon terror tail, avocado/red terror tail, Vudu natural shrimp, chicken on a chain, 2-inch chartreuse sparkle beetle and 2-inch motor oil sparkle beetle•Fish the birds working over schools of bait


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